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Project Re-Use ♻

Check out the Youtube channel.
Both ideas are developed under the Re-use ♻ projects.
Re-use ♻ aims to:

  1. Lower CO2 emissions from recycling by reusing.
  2. Teach people how to recycle using educational materials and campaigns.
Presented at Youth Climate Pact Challenge 2021 (www.climate-pact.network.europa.eu).
The rules for participating with a project:

Record a video not longer than 90 sec.
The project must have a clear focus on one of the 4 categories and climate action:

  1. Support for Young Climate Pact Ambassadors.
  2. Stepping up individual climate action.
  3. Stepping up youth involvement.
  4. Education for climate action.

Re-Use ♻: Wrap Plastic

Do people recycle plastic correctly?

Category: Education for climate action

Re-Use ♻: Glass & Plastic reuse

Can we reuse all Glass & Plastic?

Category: Stepping up individual climate action